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MYOB ABSS AccountEdge

The smarter way to manage your accounting, inventory, and payroll.On a Mac. MYOB AccountEdgeis ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that employ staff. It’s designed from the ground up to work on a Mac.

ABSS MYOB AccountEdge

Enjoy flexibile multi-user access (Network Edition)

  • Allow multiple users to work on your accounts at the same time from different workstations




Manage sales and purchases

  • Easily enter quotations, sales orders and invoices for items, services and time

  • Quotation can be connected into orders/invoices with a mouse click

  • Simplify the process of customer payments and refunds

  • Various sales analysis breakdown by customers, salesperson and products




MYOB Forms

  • Customize invoices, purchase orders, cheques, statements, mailing labels and packing slips

  • Insert scaled graphics on forms e.g. company logo




Monitor inventory levels and profit margin

  • Keep track of what you buy and sell, how much you have on hand, and where it is

  • Instantly see the gross profit on item sales and adjust your proces accordingly




Quickly view your financial position

  • View the following information and more at a glance

  • Profitability

  • Inventory turnover

  • Customer analysis (e.g. Outstanding and overdue receivables)

  • Accounts details, (bank account, credit card balance and more)



Handle foreign currency transactions

  • Record transactions and track bank accounts held in foreign currencies

  • Keep track of realized and unrealized exchange rate gains and losses




Invoice for time or cost of a job

  • Know exactly how much time you spend on job and record the tasks you perform

  • Easily set budget and report on the profitability of jobs

  • Record time and materials on the one invoice




Password protection controlling data access

  • With unlimited number of password-protected user accounts

  • Control which screens, reports, and menu items each user has access to, ensuring sensitive business information remain discrete.


Main Features

ABSS MYOB AccountEdge
ABSS MYOB AccountEdge
ABSS MYOB AccountEdge
ABSS MYOB AccountEdge
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